Opening Day At The Inventor Sherpa Theater

Welcome! This post is one of four offerings of The Vertigo Ledger blog available to you on Opening Day of The Inventor Sherpa Theater. Two of the other three, Aloft In The Patent Death Zone ~ Into Thin Air and The Inventor Sherpa Theater Is All About You, combine with this post to give you a feel for what we at The Inventor Sherpa Theater hope to accomplish, for why we’re eager for you to join us, and for how you might benefit from signing on for the strange odyssey we embark on as the curtain opens and the lights dim. The fourth post delivers my side of the bizarre backstory […]

Welcome To The Inventor Sherpa Theater

Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air evokes thoughts of the patent death zone

Aloft In The Patent Death Zone ~ Into Thin Air

When it comes to extreme adventure, I’m strictly armchair with a seatbelt. Yet, here we are in the patent death zone.  It’s no coincidence, then, that this blog is called The Vertigo Ledger, the “vertigo” being my reaction to the third rung of any stepladder, the “ledge” being, well, any ledge.  As for The Inventor Sherpa Theater, that name emerged after a reading or two of Jon Krakauer’s riveting book, Into Thin Air. Jon Krakauer Contemplates Leaping Into Thin Air Into Thin Air* chronicles the adventures and tragedies of teams that attempted to summit Mount Everest on May 11, 1996, during […]

Patent Players Strengthen Your Hand

I know that some of you have a job where  you specialize in just one of the patent player roles.  If this is how you roll, if this is how you lace ’em up everyday before work, this post is a woof out to you from me, Rotwire. And Patent Players Mean Well Too… Mostly Upon reflection, which by the way looks rippled in my water dish whenever the Sherpa Shuttle idles at our bus stop, I should have left “mostly” out of this heading.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  It was irresponsible.  And, although I won’t, I really ought to retool the heading to let […]

Patent Players Strengthen Your Hand

All About You The Patent Player

The Inventor Sherpa Theater Is All About You

The Inventor Sherpa Theater is All About You! Whether you’re a member of a global company with high powered research and lots of resources for patenting or a lone wolf inventor strapped for money and looking to do just as much as possible by yourself, this Patent World you find yourself in looks pretty much the same. It’s a complex demanding world full of ins and outs, of springboards and pitfalls, a tantalizing world promising successful endings while often delivering quiet disappointments or outright disasters.  So, to go all the way from first blush idea to granted patent, and beyond, there […]

Rotwire Unleashed ~ An Unrepentant Invention Speaks Out

Ok, so this is the deal. I, Rotwire, never planned to write a blog, let alone a dawg blawg. I mean, that would be crazy, right? Sure, I’ve got mad skills and all that, but still. Besides, a blog takes work. And I’m pretty clear on how I feel about the “W word.” So, the blawg thing was never going to happen… …Or at least it wasn’t going to until that night a few weeks back. I had just hopped out of bed and flipped on the lights in my room up over Gidget’s Gadgets, and was padding across the […]

Rotwire Unleashed Debut post

Main featured image for The Vertigo Ledger blog of The Inventor Sherpa Theater

Vertigo Ledger ~ The World Does Not Need This Blog!

The World Does Not Need The Vertigo Ledger! I never intended to start this blog.  No, I mean it!  Really!  The world does not need even one more of these things, and certainly not the Vertigo Ledger.  Five years ago, the Center For Eradication Of The Unnecessary, using a vast array of paralyzed computers and some perpendicular devices as well, estimated the number of blogs was increasing at such a rate that, by 2030, a blog on some random topic would reproduce the entire collected works of Shakespeare by accident due simply to poor grammar, atrocious spelling, failure to grasp the subject […]