Vertigo Ledger ~ The World Does Not Need This Blog!

Everest: On The Edge Of Forever Night

Everest: On The Edge Of Forever Night

The World Does Not Need The Vertigo Ledger!

I never intended to start this blog.  No, I mean it!  Really!  The world does not need even one more of these things, and certainly not the Vertigo Ledger.  Five years ago, the Center For Eradication Of The Unnecessary, using a vast array of paralyzed computers and some perpendicular devices as well, estimated the number of blogs was increasing at such a rate that, by 2030, a blog on some random topic would reproduce the entire collected works of Shakespeare by accident due simply to poor grammar, atrocious spelling, failure to grasp the subject matter, and, of course, the occasional dangling participle and digital hanging chad.

Been there, dumb that.  But, as shocking as that prediction was for its time, the reality as of this writing is far more sobering.  The Bard of Avon’s unadulterated and unabridged masterwork, including his original boo-boos, has been popping up in blogs on average every fortnight, and bare bodkins and mortal coils abound to the extent that I am, frankly, sicklied o’er.

Soon, every electron in our cubic parsec of the cosmos will be fully engaged in the task of refreshing and maintaining blogs.  And, I guess you know what that means.  No more binge watching!

So, the issue was settled for me.  No blog.  No way.  No how.  My resolve was firm, and would stay that way.  And it did.  Or, at least it did until that night a few weeks back.  It was late.  Nighttime often is.  I’d just locked up at the Inventor Sherpa Theater, and was waiting for the Sherpa Shuttle when I noticed a light on up in the room Rotwire rents above Gidget’s Gadgets.  I’d never seen him burn the midnight oil before, so I made a mental note.  It was a brief note. Five characters or fewer is about all I can retain.

Two days later, I found some crumpled pages in a trashcan in the editing room, pages that confirmed my growing suspicion.  Rotwire was planning a dawg blawg called Rotwire Unleashed, and, judging from his discards, it promised to be less than flattering to yours truly.  The Woofer with the Tweeter was going for the jocular.

And, that brings me to this apology.  I deeply regret this indiscretion.

This launching of the Vertigo Ledger places me among politicians and their indiscretions, among sports heroes who have tweeted body parts, and smack dab in the middle of other public figures whose bozo remarks and actions have placed them at the top of your screen when you google out-of-mind experiences.

Thank god my family has been unanimous in standing behind me, albeit at a great distance. Rotwire is stalwart in his resolve to press on with Rotwire Unleashed, so I have my marching orders as well.  This post is your first and final warning.  A word to the wise is sufficient, so I know that up to 1% of you will heed my warning and stop right here.  I know the rest of you will plunge on though, and I guess there’s nothing that can be done about that.  So, to you, it’s “good luck” and… consider watching reality TV instead.


P.S., Whatever you do, do NOT check out Rotwire Unleashed.  I forbid it!