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Rotwire Unleashed ~ An Unrepentant Invention Speaks Out

Ok, so this is the deal. I, Rotwire, never planned to write a blog, let alone a dawg blawg. I mean, that would be crazy, right? Sure, I’ve got mad skills and all that, but still. Besides, a blog takes work. And I’m pretty clear on how I feel about the “W word.” So, the blawg thing was never going to happen… …Or at least it wasn’t going to until that night a few weeks back. I had just hopped out of bed and flipped on the lights in my room up over Gidget’s Gadgets, and was padding across the […]

Rotwire Unleashed Debut post

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Vertigo Ledger ~ The World Does Not Need This Blog!

The World Does Not Need The Vertigo Ledger! I never intended to start this blog.  No, I mean it!  Really!  The world does not need even one more of these things, and certainly not the Vertigo Ledger.  Five years ago, the Center For Eradication Of The Unnecessary, using a vast array of paralyzed computers and some perpendicular devices as well, estimated the number of blogs was increasing at such a rate that, by 2030, a blog on some random topic would reproduce the entire collected works of Shakespeare by accident due simply to poor grammar, atrocious spelling, failure to grasp the subject […]