Credits For The Motion Pictures Of The Inventor Sherpa Theater

The credit and attribution given on this Credits page pertain to the content of: the welcome video Pumped Up For ShowtimeSneak Preview ~ Season One And Beyond, and the seven episodes of Season One, and can also be found at the end of the welcome video Pumped Up For Showtime. 


These graphic offerings were created by Chad Clikeman:

Vacant Lot and Cityscape
Lobby of The Inventor Sherpa Theater
Interior of The Inventor Sherpa Theater
Player Cards
The Casino
Chainsaw Basement
Rotwire Between The Sheets

All other graphic offerings were created by Rich Clikeman.


All animation was the work of Rich Clikeman.


Rich Clikeman


The disembodied public address voice on board Your Inventive Concept is that of Maureen McCreadie.


Chad Clikeman composed, performed, and audio engineered these musical works:

Unclear Fusion (Rotwire’s Theme Song)
Gizmo Rag (Season One Intro/Outro music)
Chicken Feet (from Chad’s album Simple Comforts)
Freezer Burn (background for Your Neighbor Has A Chainsaw)

Copyright 2015 Chad Clikeman

Those musical works are used herein by Intellipreneur Consulting, LLC with permission from Chad D. Clikeman.



Credit under Creative Commons CC01.0 Universal Public Domain License

Air compressor by Imbubec
Bonfire being lit (whoosh) Samararaine
Cardboard boxes striking floor JoeNovice
Casino – near gambling pit cognito perceptu
Chainsaw Esperri
Factory machine Jmbphilmes
Finger snap Peram
Fire burning loop Midimagician
Manila envelope handling Mentalsanityoff
Outdoor grocery store parking lot BigDaddyD
Sand on paper, dragged – long Crashoverride61088
Sparkler fuse burning
Sweeping with broom on tile floor Daboy291
Synthetic laser Julien Matthey
Theater chatter Edhutschek
Washing machine Timgormly
Water dripping in cave Sclolex
Winding an extension cable Sophiehall3535

Credit under Creative Commons Attribution License

Glass house themfish
Bike pump – fast Corsica_S

Other Sound Effects and Audio Clips

Additional sound effects and audio clips were obtained attribution and royalty free from Adobe’s Resource Central under license with Adobe Creative Suites Master Collection software.

Any additional sound effects were the work of Rich Clikeman.


Use of mountaineering photographs was licensed from iStock, a Getty Images company.

The photograph titled Butterfly Capture Photograph of Wellsville, Utah Mountains and Field was obtained royalty free from the U.S. Department of Agriculture website as image # K8872-6, photographed by Jack Dykinga.

“Cardboard Rich,” photographed by Maureen McCreadie, is used with her permission.


Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection software and, later, Adobe Creative Cloud software was utilized extensively throughout the production of all of these motion pictures.  The software, used under license to Adobe, included After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop and Audition.


The seven Inventor Sherpa Season One videos are registered with the U. S. Copyright Office.
Copyright 2014 Rich Clikeman

The welcome video Pumped Up For Showtime and the preview video Sneak Preview ~ Season One And Beyond are registered with the U. S. Copyright Office.
Copyright 2015 Rich Clikeman

Use of all videos herein by Intellipreneur Consulting, LLC is with permission from Rich Clikeman.


The standard marks INVENTOR SHERPA and INTELLIPRENEUR CONSULTING are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) under Goods and Services International Classes 041, and 045.  The standard mark INTELLIPRENEURIAL METHOD is registered with the USPTO under Goods and Services International Class 041.

Trademark applications for design marks for each of “Inventor Sherpa” and “Rotwire” are under active review at the USPTO pending allowance.


All of the videos of the Inventor Sherpa Theater are the property of Richard R. Clikeman, and are provided on the website solely for viewing by visitors to that website under the terms and restrictions set forth for viewing those videos. Any reproduction, distribution, on-line offering, or other use of the videos without the express written consent of Richard R. Clikeman is strictly prohibited.