Opening Day At The Inventor Sherpa Theater

Welcome! This post is one of four offerings of The Vertigo Ledger blog available to you on Opening Day of The Inventor Sherpa Theater. Two of the other three, Aloft In The Patent Death Zone ~ Into Thin Air and The Inventor Sherpa Theater Is All About You, combine with this post to give you a feel for what we at The Inventor Sherpa Theater hope to accomplish, for why we’re eager for you to join us, and for how you might benefit from signing on for the strange odyssey we embark on as the curtain opens and the lights dim. The fourth post delivers my side of the bizarre backstory […]

Welcome To The Inventor Sherpa Theater

Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air evokes thoughts of the patent death zone

Aloft In The Patent Death Zone ~ Into Thin Air

When it comes to extreme adventure, I’m strictly armchair with a seatbelt. Yet, here we are in the patent death zone.  It’s no coincidence, then, that this blog is called The Vertigo Ledger, the “vertigo” being my reaction to the third rung of any stepladder, the “ledge” being, well, any ledge.  As for The Inventor Sherpa Theater, that name emerged after a reading or two of Jon Krakauer’s riveting book, Into Thin Air. Jon Krakauer Contemplates Leaping Into Thin Air Into Thin Air* chronicles the adventures and tragedies of teams that attempted to summit Mount Everest on May 11, 1996, during […]