A primary goal of inventorsherpa.com is to educate visitors to this website on the world of patenting, and to suggest ways by which they may become savvier in their overall pursuit of patenting success. What inventorsherpa.com does NOT do, however, is give legal advice. In fact, one of our strongest suggestions is that anyone contemplating patenting an inventive concept should seek the help of patent professionals early on to avoid the pitfalls attendant with going it alone.

Though key to patenting success, becoming more patent savvy does not equate with being a professional in any of the various aspects of patenting. If you are not already a professional in a particular area of patenting, the Inventor Sherpa Theater (i.e., inventorsherpa.com) will not transform you into one, not by a long shot! Patent professionals are just that, professionals. Their training and experience, their war stories and scars, are exactly what you need on your side. So, consult the patent professionals.

Regarding the suggestions made by inventorsherpa.com, another of our strongest is that visitors to this website should

critically compare our suggestions on a given topic with what a minimum of three other reputable independent sources have to say on the same topic before making any decision.

Such vetting of sources and their information is a hallmark of critical thinking. Further, getting into the habit of taking all information and information sources, including inventorsherpa.com, “with a large grain of salt” until determined to have a sound basis in fact is the essence of being savvy.