Opening Day At The Inventor Sherpa Theater

Welcome To The Inventor Sherpa Theater

Rotwire breathes life into The Inventor Sherpa Theater


This post is one of four offerings of The Vertigo Ledger blog available to you on Opening Day of The Inventor Sherpa Theater. Two of the other three, Aloft In The Patent Death Zone ~ Into Thin Air and The Inventor Sherpa Theater Is All About You, combine with this post to give you a feel for what we at The Inventor Sherpa Theater hope to accomplish, for why we’re eager for you to join us, and for how you might benefit from signing on for the strange odyssey we embark on as the curtain opens and the lights dim.

The fourth post delivers my side of the bizarre backstory of how The Vertigo Ledger and it’s companion blog, Rotwire Unleashed, got started.  Vertigo Ledger ~ The World Does Not Need This Blog explains how Rotwire tricked me into writing the Ledger against my better judgement.  Be sure to also check out the first two posts of Rotwire Unleashedwhich are also just itching to be read on Opening Day.

Facets Of Your Patent World

Now that the stage has been set, subsequent posts will become more focused on some of the many facets of Your Patent World.  Those posts will tend to gravitate toward giving you insight into what’s important, what you might want to take on, what you might want others to take on, why “getting it right” matters, and why you should care.  As we underscore in our legal disclaimer, The Inventor Sherpa Theater does NOT give legal advice.  We can’t and won’t.  We will, however, suggest approaches you may want to consider and strategies you may want to employ as you face the many and varied challenges of Your Patent World, as we all work toward becoming savvier Patent Players.

And, being savvy means checking out what we at The Inventor Sherpa Theater suggest against at least three other reputable sources. Such vetting of sources and their information is a hallmark of critical thinking.

Further, getting into the habit of taking all information and information sources, including, “with a large grain of salt” until determined to have a sound basis in fact is the essence of being savvy.  If you do that, I’ll do that too.  In fact, starting with the next post, I’ll be including links to references related to the subject matter of each post.

The Inventor Sherpa Theater ~ Pumped Up For Showtime

The Spring of 2016 finds us just getting started here at The Inventor Sherpa Theater.  We’re still sorting out some things and probably will continue to do so for a some time.  Yet a few things have become clear during the lead up to this launch.  First, we’ve walked down some of the same roads, you and I.  At one time or another, I’ve filled the player roles of inventor, patent literature searcher, patent analyst, and writer of patent applications.  I’ve sat with patent examiners at the United States Patent And Trademark Office considering those applications on their merits.  I’ve received gratifying patent grants and crushing final rejections.

And, what did all of this get me?  Did it qualify me to give you “all the answers?”  No way!  Not by a long shot.  Not even close.  What my experience has done is make me aware of what you’re up against, at a visceral level, whatever patent role or roles you play or are thinking about playing.  I’m the guy who stops by your lab to kick around a few ideas, or bumps into you on the commuter train and ends up in an animated discussion with you about whatever it is you’re into.  So, yes, I’m a lot like you… god help you.  Enthusiastic, flawed, and hoping to do it better the next time around.  Oh, and I’m hoping to learn a great deal from YOU as time goes by.  We’ll figure that out as we go.

So, what we are offering you here at The Inventor Sherpa Theater is some help in sizing up your surroundings, including The Universe Of Inventive Concepts and Your Patent World.  As we move forward, we hope to highlight topics you might want to pursue, focus on some skills you may want to acquire, help you identify what you can and should do for yourself, and encourage you to recognize when and where you need help from others, especially the pros.

And, we’re hoping to have a little fun along the way.  Let’s get savvy!