Rich Clikeman


The Rich Clikeman Story: Critical Bio Mess 

Rich Clikeman graduated without honors from Summerdale Elementary School in Rockford, Illinois at a time when electric typewriters and Wite-Out® correction fluid were poised to dominate the communications arena in the latter portion of the Twentieth Century.  After that, his academic career was a disturbing blur culminating in being sent packing by Northwestern University’s Chemistry Department at the end of grad school.  And, you can bet it wasn’t the proudest day in the history of the Rohm and Haas Company (acquired in 2009 by Dow Chemical) when they picked him up on waivers.  But, he toiled there as a research scientist in new product and corporate exploratory research for many years, followed by a decade of writing and prosecuting patent applications in their Patent Department.

At the yawning dawn of the twilight of his career, Rich unwitting pulled off a stunning Mister Magoo moment, stepping directly into some fortuitous serendipityduda.  He met the brilliant, funny, and alluring Maureen McCreadie, who mistook him for somebody else and married him.

Rich is exceeded by any one of their sons you care to choose, be it Jesse or Ethan McCreadie or Ryan or Chad Clikeman. Toss in Maureen, and this patchwork family has become, in Jesse’s own words, a “tribe.”

Rich’s interests have included song, poetry, and story writing, along with folk music and street performing. His latest creation is the Inventor Sherpa Theater, a “frolicking adventure” (Really?) into the world of patents for inventors, would-be inventors, and all of those indispensable Patent Players who work with them to turn an inventive concept into a patent.  In other words… You.

Unique Facts About Rich Clikeman

All unique facts about Rich are preposterous, embarrassing, and the sole property of Rich Clikeman.  Any recording, copying, redistribution of, or uncontrolled guffawing at these snapshots of a life outrageously bungled is strictly forbidden without the express written consent of his truly… which isn’t going to happen any time soon.

One Other Thing 

Rich is a PhD chemist and registered U.S. patent agent with extensive in-depth R&D and patenting background, offering a savvy approach to critical needs including: searching, analyzing, and mapping patent literature; formulating patent strategy; inventing; patent training; and drafting and prosecuting patent applications.

Ok, Another Other Thing

The Inventor Sherpa Theater sprang poorly formed from Rich’s mind (there’s a shocker!), which explains why an extended stay in intensive care was required to nurse it toward some semblance of health.  Rich is the creator of all graphics not created by Chad Clikeman.  Rich is also the animator, script writer, narrator, audio engineer, video editor, and producer of all motion pictures featured on this website, as well as the author of the Vertigo Ledger blog.   And,  he’s the site’s “web dude dud” too.  The Rotwire Unleashed dawg blawg is, of course, solely the work of Rich’s good friend (or at least Rich believes that) and hydrocanoid associate, Rotwire.