Rotwire ~ Hydrocanoid Extraordinaire!

Rotwire Unleashed Debut post

Rotwire ~ Hydrocanoid Extraordinaire!

The “Rotster” is a hydrocanoid, part dog… part fire hydrant… part supermorphing electrogenetic mechanical wizardry… sort of a virtual Swiss Army dawg. It goes without saying that Rotwire is a carbon-silicon-etc life form capable of self-evolving himself into a nasty corner from time to time.  Yes, Rotwire can be, at once, greased lightning on a tightrope and head-over-heels clumsy, genius brilliant and dog stupid, perhaps offering us a glimpse into our own impending self-evolving android future. Due to a difficult contract dispute, the Rotster will be scarce during Season One. But, after that… look out!

An Invention’s Invention

Rotwire advocates for inventions everywhere, and none more than himself.  The ever modest hydrocanoid asked that we include a hundred or so of his favorite “looks” from his selfie album titled Only Some of the Best of Rotwire, an almost inexhaustible tribute to self absorption.  Under protest, we were able to whittle his suggestions down to just a few representative images, leaving out some of the racier shots of course. We offer these images now for your enjoyment… or whatever.


Rotwire proves once again that rules aren’t the only thing he’s willing to break.


After converting himself into an air compressor, Rotwire breathes life into the Inventor Sherpa Theater.  Although Rotwire brushes this off, a recent survey of theatergoers revealed that, upon first entering a theater, movie buffs actually prefer to smell popcorn instead of doggy breath.  Who knew?


This photo and the next are photo album rejects Rich rescued from the trash.  This long range photo was snagged by paparazzi hoping to prove once and for all that Rotwire’s claim to be a purebred hydrocanoid is suspect due to his penchant for cat burglar shenanigans.


Here, the ever thrill seeking Rotser gets a newsflash.  Rich isn’t the only one who can screw up!  Crash to follow.


Confronted with a trash removal situation, Rotwire, like most of us, could use another pair of hands.


Unlike us, his supermorphing electrogenetic mechanical abilities actually allow him to grow a pair, as they say.  The next frames show how this is possible.


The first hundred or so versions of Rotwire were not at all self-evolving.  Then, one day, it just sort of happened.  Now such supermorphing is commonplace.  Here’s Rotwire’s depiction of how it all works.  He dumbed it down so that, as he says, “Even Rich could understand it.”  Apparently, fast acting genes can be synthesized almost instantly according to recipes his unconscious mind instinctively whips up.


And, presto, new parts!


Of course, you can take this sort of thing too far, and you can bet he’s thinking about it.  Armageddon anyone?

Rotwire’s Creators

Chad and Rich Clikeman conjured up a broad-brush concept for Rotwire. Then, Chad sketched him into being, complete with panache and quirky attitude, pixelating him into digital transcendence. Finally, Rich applied the electrodes of animation to breath life into this modern day Dawgenstein.