Chad Clikeman

Rotwire Slaps A Rare Compliment On Chad

Under intense questioning during a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Rotwire was forced to admit, “I suppose Chad Clikeman has played some small role in my becoming who I am today.”  Some small role? While we do shout a hearty “bravo” to Rotwire for finally allowing himself to be forced into a little self reflective candor, a quick look at what Chad Clikeman has been up to behind the curtains of the Inventor Sherpa Theater may be a bit more illuminating.

If we just take a peek at our welcome video Pumped Up For Showtime, the vacant lot along with the lobby and interior of the Inventor Sherpa Theater are all Chad’s creations, as is… you guessed it… the graphic design behind our hydrocanoid friend Rotwire. As it dawned on them who Rotwire is and might become as an invention’s invention, Chad created “the Rotster” on sketchpad, then pixelated him into digital transcendence, while Rich applied the electrodes to animate this modern day Dawgenstein into  existence.  Oh, and Rotwire backs his way into that first video to the saucy rhythm of Unclear Fusion, a cool meander dedicated to him and composed by Chad, as is the Gizmo Rag ushering us into the episodes of Season One.

Visual Artist, Composer, and Musician

Chad is a graduate of the prestigious Maryland Institute College of Art, MICA. When he’s not over-inflating Rotwire’s ego, he pursues a career as a multi-faceted visual artist, composer, and musician.

Looking for custom design responsive to clients ranging from large corporations to boutique businesses? Looking for that special panache that proclaims who you are and sets you apart? Look to Chad Clikeman.

Need a sorcerer of imagery for your album cover, storybook, video game, or presentation? Need a magician who crafts mood as well as form and style… whose magic spans the spectrum from straight laced realism to the off-kilter surreal? Better shop around?

How about better stop around to see Chad Clikeman.

Need a collaborator to channel your intent into your customer’s resolve?  Don’t make us say it again… Well, Ok… Chad Clikeman.

Where Credit Is Due

Chad’s contributions include these graphic offerings:


Vacant Lot and Citiscape

Lobby and Interior of The Inventor Sherpa Theater

Player Cards

The Casino

Chainsaw Basement

Rotwire Between The Sheets

Chad also composed and performed these works:

Unclear Fusion (Rotwire’s theme song)

Gizmo Rag (Season One Intro/Outro music)

Chicken Feet (Credits Background from Chad’s album Simple Comforts)

Freezer Burn (Background for Your Neighbor Has A Chainsaw)